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Components / Button group

Button group

Button groups push multiple buttons together to form a single component. These are a great alternative to tabs.



  1. Active button
  2. Enabled button
  3. Active text label
  4. Enabled text label



  • Enabled
  • Focused
  • Pressed
  • Active
  • Disabled


Style specifications are available to inspect via Abstract. The following link will take you to their web-based interface.

Inspect component


The following table lists the theme properties used to style this component and any variations as well as a sample value.

A full list of properties used within the design system—as well as general usage guidelines—is available on the Theme properties page.

Examples of each theme property may be referenced by clicking a property name in the “property” column.

Sample Property Sample value

Simple hyperlink like buttons with text that that is intended to display on primary or secondary content backgrounds

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