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Displaying the full name of a person in an interface can take up way more space than needed and can disrupt rhythm. Use avatars in place of a user’s name (but include the name in content readable by assistive technology).



  1. Container
  2. Image
A best practice would be to include a tooltip on the avatar.



Fixed sizes are available to provide consistency across layouts.

Size Dimensions (square)
Extra small 24 px
Small 36 px
Medium 48 px
Large 72 px
Extra large 96 px


When part of the page hierarchy, give the avatar a visual boost by adding a shadow.


Sometimes you need to dress up an avatar with a little bling. Common examples would be an online/offline indicator or a descriptive icon.


To display a horizontal row of avatars, use the stacked avatar component.


Style specifications are available to inspect via Abstract. The following link will take you to their web-based interface.

Inspect component


The following table lists the theme properties used to style this component and any variations as well as a sample value.

A full list of properties used within the design system—as well as general usage guidelines—is available on the Theme properties page.

Examples of each theme property may be referenced by clicking a property name in the “property” column.

Sample Property Sample value

Medium dark text color used for secondary or muted content in layouts


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